Why choose the IB?

Do you want to study a programme that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time? Do you want your education to make a positive difference for others in addition to yourself? Do you want to learn how to think critically and to develop work methods that will prepare you for higher education?

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) seeks to let learners develop many different aspects of their personalities. The programme is academically challenging and rigorous because each student must study a wide range of subjects, but it is also rewarding because students are allowed to work with projects designed by themselves, guided by personal interests and supported by supervisors. Through CAS, students make a difference in other peoples’ lives through service, at the same time as they experience personal growth through reflection around the various activities they undertake. Critical thinking is fostered through TOK and through the amount of individual initiative a student must show during the DP.

The IB DP is perfect preparation for any form of higher studies, because you will be confident in you subject areas, you will have perfected methods that are often used in universities and you will have much experience in working independently and taking charge of your own progress. As the programme is taught entirely in English (except for Norwegian Literature, language B and ab initio) is especially well-suited for students who wish to continue their education abroad. More and more foreign universities actively recruit IB students, as they are known for their high standards and well-rounded academic skills.      


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